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Books are the most awesome, intimate repositories of human knowledge, even in ebook form. Lately I’ve been devouring book after book on creating, the creative process, and habits for creativity. It’s inspiring knowing how other artists deal with the logistics of everyday life, where dishes get dirty, pets get into trouble, and clutter piles up. We are all just human with only 24 hours in our day.

So how can you boost your creativity and make time for artistic endeavors? I recommend you start with reading any (or all) of these books.  Most of them are kindle books so you can buy, download, and take them anywhere the mood strikes to create.

10 Must-Read Books For Creativity


I really love all of these books.  They vary greatly in length and format.  But they are all packed with words of wisdom and motivation.  If you can only read one start with ‘Art Write’ or ‘Creating Time’.

What are you reading? What book or books have inspired you to create? Share your picks in the comments.

10 Must-Read Creative Books

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