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2015…the year I (finally) learn to draw. “Don’t you already know how to draw?” someone asked me. Well…no. Not really, and certainly not to my satisfaction. Trust me, I had qualms about admitting that on this blog. After all, what kind of crafter/artist/maker can’t draw? I suspect it’s more than you’d imagine. So I’m breaking the ice here and hopefully allowing all my lovely readers to feel it’s ok to not yet know how to do something.

So my most deliberate new year’s resolution was ‘learn to draw’. Actually it was more specific: “purposefully draw every day”. What is purposefully? Basically with some sort of objective or goal in mind. For example, I will spend January working through “You Can Draw in 30 Days.” I actually started about a year and a half ago but never completed it. I have a few other books lined up for the following months. After I run out of books we’ll see what happens.

My primary goal for the year is to get to a place where I can consistently render drawings I am pleased with. This is not to say I will be happy with everything that ever results from my touching pencil to paper. That’s just ridiculously unrealistic. Neither is it my goal to draw only in a certain style or medium. No, I just want to be able to say “yea, I can draw fairly ok” come December 2015.

What I did not resolve to do in 2015 was post daily doodles. On New Year’s day I came down with a terrible cold (it’s still lingering over two weeks later). I had no energy for all my other planned tasks (making a whole new wardrobe for myself, cleaning out every piece of clutter in my apartment) so I doodled. Just a bit here and there, in addition to working the exercises in “You Can Draw in 30 Days.” I liked some of these doodles so I posted them on Instagram and Facebook. What happened next blew me away. Friends and family ‘liked’ my posts. But not only did they like them, they seemed to be inspired to make and post their own drawings and doodles. I had not anticipated, nor could I have hoped for, such a warm and joyful response. So after less than two weeks I made a new resolution: to post a “doodle of the day” every day.

I am so excited because this will provide more drawing practice in a no-pressure way. It also seems to be inspiring others to make and share their own art (amazing!). Over the last couple of years I’ve realized that the best and most enjoyable new year’s resolutions are those that emerge organically, without being forced, or being based on negative thinking (for example “I’m so unhappy with my body, I need to lose many many pounds this year”).

On that note, enjoy some “doodle of the day” highlights from the first half of January 2015:

2015: the year of drawing

What are your 2015 resolutions? Are they realistic? Are they motivated by joy?

2015: The Year of Drawing
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