Hopefully I can get this finished in time, which is basically by Christmas. Even though it’s for a January birthday, after Christmas I won’t have time alone.  And I probably won’t see the sweater’s intended recipient on her birthday so that puts the deadline much closer than would be ideal.  Still, I started it over the weekend and after a few issues it seems to be under way now, I’ve just finished the raglan sleeves and joined the scoop neck.

Originally I cast on all the front neck stitches

popel4Then I realized that would result in the sides of the neck flopping open…not very attractive or scoopy.  Well it was painful to realize this halfway down the sleeves but I knew it would be better to rip it sooner than later so I did.

Second time around I only cast on the back and sleeve stitches and increased one front neck stitch every other row (same as the raglan increases).  So far so good, until I finished the sleeves and joined for the body, doing what the The Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater page said and cast on 1″ of stitches for the under arm.  Thankfully I had the foresight to move the body stitches onto some scrap yarn and try it on because the sleeves were WAY too tight…so I un-knit 2 rows and instead added 2″ for the underarm.

popel5I haven’t tried it on since then because now I truly would be upset if I had to rip anything out, I will try it on before too long tho, because time’s a factor.

Maybe this time around I won’t have to cry and stay up for 3 days to finish a gift and then vow I would never do it again…maybe.

A Scoop In Time
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