collage thursday june 6

It might be lame but every so often I LOVE to enjoy my city as a tourist.  The weather was perfect today and here’s how my day went down:

  • Cappuccino at Blue Bottle, enjoyed outside with a view of the Bay Bridge
  • Checked out Book Passage, not sure how long this book store has been in the building because I’d never been in it before.  It was delightful I bought “The Artist’s Eye” and a Moleskine for my dad
  • Bought a ring, pictured above, at the Art Market on my way back to the cable car
  • Off to Japantown where I got lunch, did mandatory shopping at Daiso, and got some pens also for my dad (his birthday’s coming up and it’s conveniently close to Father’s Day)


et voila! That’s how you enjoy a summer day in SF.

city day

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