Recently I decided to look into painting galaxy effects in watercolor.  I found some delightful things on Pinterest (duh), but this was my fave: a two-part video tut by artist Ana Victoria Calderon.  She adds a twist to her galaxy paintings by adding faux constellations, so cool!

how to paint a galaxy in watercolor AVC

I tried my hand at it using some of the core principles from the video.  In my first attempt I kind of threw everything at it: frisket (applied with a brush), salt, liquid watercolors, pan watercolors, painting, dropping in….and this is what I got:

galaxy watercolor 1

It was way fun during the process of working on it but I was inspired to try again with a limited palette and fewer techniques.  I used only green, blue, payne’s grey, and black liquid watercolors, white ink, and frisket, this time splattered instead of brushed on.

galaxy watercolo r2

I am much happier with galaxy number two. Even so I have more ideas on how to improve the look.  Next time I want to try dotting frisket on with a toothpick or other small tool. I didn’t like the bigger fluffy spots made by the brush, and splattering/spraying frisket was not easy or straightforward. And it makes a real mess.  I would also like to try working on a uniformly wet paper as opposed to the piece-meal approach of wetting, working, and moving to a different area.

So, what do you think?  Do you like the watercolor look on galaxies? How would you do it?


DIY Watercolor Galaxy

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