We had a great time at the Exploratorium.  I bought a light-up bouncy ball, but more importantly: Felties!


Such a cute book!  All the felties are teeny, though.  But true to form instead of making any of the things in the book, I designed a few of my own for my favorite boys. Master chief, from Halo, for my lil bro:

And the Yelp ninja for my husband, the Yelp engineer:

Now I’m wondering what I really needed the book for to begin with.  There are some adorable patterns in it, though.  My faves are the ram and spaced out bunny.  The little tiny stitching is both difficult on the eyes and thoroughly satisfying.  I finished both of these, from initial concept to design to finished products, in less than 3 hours.  Not too bad.  The only major bone I have to pick with felties is they do not stand up on their own.  In the future I think I will put little magnets  inside their backs.  We have SO many magnetic surfaces in our apartment it’s almost ridiculous, and it’d be nice to put some adorable little friends on those surfaces.

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