I finally decided to dig around our pantry closet to attempt to make some room.  First, let me say it is RIDICULOUS the amount of appliances we have.  Yes we’re married, but we’ve only been married 7 months and we never had a wedding (reception, party thing, we did have a official wedding/marriage thingy at city hall).  Anyway, speaking of wedding I bought some plates and candlesticks to make a cake stand should said wedding party/reception ever happen.   Sadly, I broke the dinner plate sized plate on the way home with the rest of this stuff, like a million years ago.  But I decided to give it a go anyway.


I used two glass candlesticks, ceramic dishes (salad plate and bowl) and 2-ton epxy.

Step 1: take all labels off dishes and candlesticks if they have any and wash everything with water and soap. Make sure to get all price sticker/label gunk off the materials, especially if there is any on the bottom of the candlesticks as that part will be sealed onto the plates and there will be no way of cleaning it then.

Step 2: lay out/stack the things to make sure you know how you want them all stuck together in the end.  I chose to invert the candlestick between the plate and the bowl because the base of the candlestick would have taken up way too much of the surface of  the plate.

Step 3: read the instructions on your chosen epoxy/glue/sticky stuff

Step 4: re-read the instructions on your glue

Step 5: mix your epoxy and apply it to each candlestick on the side you will glue to the bottom of each dish. (it makes the most sense, I think, to glue the candlesticks to the base of each dish first before sticking one dish to the other.)

Step 6: let the epoxy/glue set

Step 7: mix some more epoxy,  apply it to the un-glued end of the candlestick on the bowl and glue it to the center of the plate.

and voila!

The picture looks weird yes, but more importantly the stand looks a little awkward with a little salad plate so high up on that candlestick. But not to worry, we can always just glue the whole thing to a dinner plate later.  The one I had originally bought didn’t match the pattern of the other two anyway, so I guess it doesn’t make any difference.

Here is my original inspiration.

And here’s a couple others.  Seeing these well executed examples should wash your eyes of my mediocre one.



design sponge

Google images


DIY: ceramic cake stand
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