Ok, today we’re making stitch markers out of jewelry wire.  It’s so simple and you can customize your markers to the needs of your project, to match your yarn, or whatever!

The supplies:

pliers: make sure you have round nose to make loops and some to cut wire with
jewelry wire: any gauge between 18 and 24 will be easiest to work
eye pins: you can also make these out of the wire, just cut a 1″ length and use the round nose pliers to bend a loop at the top
beads: these will be the focus

The main component is, of course, the loop that goes on the needles.  This is the really easy part.  Take an eye pin and bend it  to make a circle.  I am not skilled at using pliers for this so I just used a #15 needle, which happened to have the exact circumference to match the length of the pin.

When you are done you will have little circular markers with a littler loop:

Now, the slightly less easy part because it requires creativity.  The idea is whatever you attach to the little loops is what will make the marker special.  Here’s one of the ones I made:

Cut a length of wire, grab the very end with round nose pliers and bend the wire around the pliers so you have a circular loop at the end of the length of wire.

Grab the wire right above the loop and bend it slightly so you have something that looks like the eye pins.

Now the fun part: just string beads onto the pin you just made.

All that’s left is to finish by closing the pin.

Now just use a jump ring (bought or made of wire) to hang the beaded post on the marker.

Here’s some more finished markers:

DIY: stitch markers
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