If you don’t know Jane Davenport (and I don’t, personally) she’s a mixed media artist, and seems like a delightful, joyful person.  I got her book “Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces: A Mixed-Media Portrait Workshop” years ago and it’s lovely.  This January she launched a range of art supplies so of course I had to go get some.  My Michael’s store had a good number of the items. The only problem was it took extra long to check out because the items wouldn’t scan at the checkout. I suspect the info wasn’t in the database yet, that’s how new it was.  I didn’t mind waiting. You can also get the full range of items at Jane’s online store. The items ship from Australia so keep that in mind in terms of shipping costs and timing.

I am proud of how much restraint I exercised (for now), instead of getting everything I got three things:

the bright pencil pouch

the DIY face stamps

and the 4 Jane girls stamps

I’m loving all three. The pencil case holds a surprising amount considering how compact it looks.  The faces are great to build on. And the DIY face stamps are by far my favorite. I have a thing about modular, choose-your-own-adventure, paper doll-type things.  I can’t get enough of going through all the options and continually asking “ok, what if I do THIS one now?”.  It’s pure inner child joy for me.

Here’s what I made this month using the Jane Davenport supplies


Then I wanted the Mermaid Markers. My local Michael’s was out of stock, and they told me they wouldn’t be restocking anything as it was a seasonal, one-time line.  So I ordered them from the website.  I am not disappointed, they are delicious.

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