lumio hat pattern

Lumio Hat Knitting Pattern

* fit: small to medium adult size
yarn: Lumio
color: Capri (00054)
needles: US13 /9mm (I use a circular but straights will also work here)
gauge: 8.5 stitches & 10 rows = 4″ (10 cm)

Cast On 33 stitches.  Knit garter stitch 5 rows. Alternatively you can work ribbing if desired. Then begin working faux cable ribbing.

faux cable ribbing 

  • row 1: k2, p1 across
  • row 2: k1, p2 across
  • row 3: k2, p1 across
  • row 4: faux cable: *knit second stitch, keep on needle, knit first stitch, slide first and second stitch off, p1*, repeat* across

Repeat rows 1-4 until desired length for height of hat.

Cut yarn leaving about 30-40″ (75-100cm) tail, thread onto yarn needle, thread through all stitches on needle and slide off.  Pull yarn to close top of hat. With remaining yarn tail sew or crochet side of hat closed.  Weave in any ends. Add embellishments, like a pompom, if desired. Enjoy!

this hat is knit as a rectangle, then closed up
don’t cast off, leave stitches on needle

Knit it: Lumio Hat

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