When I was taking the train home last night a man sat down next to me, he was only going from one stop to the next, but he asked me what I was knitting.  I explained to him that it was just a swatch, and he felt compelled how he so loved knitting when he was a boy but had stopped knitting for a long time.  I told him I couldn’t imagine putting knitting down for long.  As he was getting off at his stop he said seeing me had reminded him how much he used to love knitting and I told him I hoped he would pick it up again.  I hope he does.

Later…muuuuuch later, I was catching up with Project Runway and saw the season finale.  I wasn’t totally surprised to see a number of knits but they were still gorgeous.

Project Runway Knits!


I still feel that the designers on this show seemed to have a snobbish attitude toward knitting and seem to regard as beneath their own art, while still creating knit pieces (probably not themselves, and often sewing them out of knitted fabric but still).  However I still want to try to make some of these, my own take on them of course.

At the end of the day I felt good, being inspired by others and also reminding someone how satisfying knitting is.

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