Suprise! I’m gonna have to take a brief leave to visit my family in Argentina.  It’s very bitter sweet.  On the one hand I get to see my family soon, on the other it’s because someone has passed away.  I am so so so grateful that I am able to make this trip on short notice to be with my family during a really hard time.  A silver lining at least.

What’s the deal for

So why am I posting about it? Just to let you lovely readers know that I’ll be far far away from my computer.  I promise to do my utmost to update the popElephant blog every so often, just don’t expect very long posts.

I’ll be back soon enough with fresh inspiration, ideas, and hopefully some good pics from my travels.  Until then I wish you all a great July and August.

Be good, do good, and make meaning!

Leavin’ on a jet plane

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