raglanlove: sorta figured out how to knit my first raglan

hate: I made the raglan length too short and did not realize it until now and my compensating by making more underam stitches failed

love: the color and feel of the yarn

hate: the splittyness of the yarn and tiny needles needed..ok, not really tiny but smaller than I prefer

love: the feel of the fabric

HATE: where I made copious errors when I joined new balls and where I increased for the bust in just…ugh…no, it’s unspeakable

love: making presents for loved ones

hate: the time pressure, pressure to have EVERY stitch be perfect, my own delusional fantasies that yes I can make my first raglan with no real plan, loosely following many different ideas and improvise on a TIME SENSITIVE GIFT PROJECT!!

I do this every time, jeez!  I just will not learn, nu uh, not happening my friend.  Anyway I have a plan for doing away with the most visible and heinous mistakes, hopeffully some of which will be alleviated by blocking.  As of today that photo reflects the current state of this project…which reminds me I can’t believe it’s already December…for 2 hours 56 minutes now.  All in all, though, I think it’ll get done on time to a reasonable degree of satisfaction (mine).  In better news I finished that Manos chnky hat in two days, and wore it today, briefly as it is quite warm.  Oddly I didn’t have a plan when I started that either and yet somehow it gone done in 2 days with no visible imperfections or wonkyness…must be because it was not for a gift and I had no time pressure, just my luck.

also, love: blogging

hate: lamey mclamepants obligatory blurry mirror photo…SORRY!! It was the best I could do just show where the sweater is now.

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