Just now getting to do a few rounds of Brambles.  No knitting for nearly a week now due to eye strain :(  Quite tragic.  It’s been so long (a week and a half) since I picked up my Nature Spun vest that I am pretty sure I have no idea what to do next…I think I was at the waist shaping…? Maybe?

I just started the crown chart for Brambles, so it should be done soon, seeing as how the rows get shorter and shorter as it goes.

I saw this ad this morning, and it basically made my day:

royal ring

You must go to the website and see the video.  Or listen to it, rather.  It’s an infommercial, narrated by this totally serene, and totally fake, British accent.  LOVE the marketing genius of stressing the point that “demand is high” and therefore you can only order one per household…”ooohhhhh, now I HAVE to have one!!”  Just because you CAN manipulate the emotions of lonely cat ladies watching daytime T.V. doesn’t mean you should use that power for evil to cheat the afore mentioned ladies out of $20.  One day I will accomplish my mission of ridding the world of dishonest advertising…

And on that bombshell (thank you Top Gear), I leave you with some nature-insired knitting

some knitting inspiration
so classy!
Natural Gems
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