OMG! I cannot believe the Borders in the San Francisco Westfield Center is being closed!  That is bad news in the long run, but good news for getting knitting books for cheap…ish.  There were so many things I wanted to get, esp. Boutique Knits. In the end, considering the prices – discount I decided to go with “150 Knitted Trims”, “Crochet Stitch Motifs”, and “Doodle-Stitching”.

The best part was, a little while after buying these books, I went down to Crissy Field.  While hubby ran and got exercise I stayed in the car and read.

And speaking of hanging out in the car, I LOVE our new car!

So, I did have enough time to look through and read quite a bit of “150 Knitted Trims” and it is GREAT.  It has fantastic photos of each trim, but more importantly they are brilliant.  The stitches used are quite simple, but  used to great effect.  Very enjoyable, I am excited to come up with some designs/projects to use them on. Oh! I almost forgot, it also has some patterns for leaves, flowers, bobbles, and some other small thingies, all of which contributed greatly to my final decision to actually buy this book rather than another.

New Knitting Books
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