It has been quite a while since I applied any fancy text effects to my Ps work. Today I’m going to share a few fun tutorials for turning your text into shining lights, clear glass, textured objects and more. But first:

Why Text Effects?

The idea of making text look like “other things” usually seems so ye olde WordArt to me. So why spend time using the most powerful graphics software to make text look 3D? Here is a list of practical text effect applications:

  • logos
  • graphics for Pinterest
  • digital scrapbooking
  • greeting cards
  • blog/site headers

Typography is the New Yoga

In the information age it’s no surprise that typography has a growing cult following. An image may be worth a thousand words, but some times a few well placed, precise words make all the difference. Combine those words with some evocative text effects and you have a recipe for a powerful message.

Text Effects: The Tutorials

bokeh text effects
bokeh text effect
shade text effects
shade text effect
80's text effects
80’s text effect
fire text effects
fire text effect
liquid text effect
liquid text effect


There you have it.  Super fun, easy, and impactful text effects to check out.  I especially had fun making the “glass half full” image.  What effects do you love? Have another tut? Share it in the comments!

Photoshop Friday: Text Effects
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