Puppet warp is a super fun tool introduced in CS5.  It finally lets us do the practically magical things laypeople have always assumed Photoshop does for you (but we know better, right?).

Photoshop Friday great puppet warp tutorials to get you started with this awesome tool

*As you may know by now I’ll be away from home (and my precious macbook) until the end of August.  I’ll be doing my best to share great tuts, inspiration, quotes, and travel photos while I’m off but do expect shorter posts for that time.  Short but sweet.


Let’s start off with Tech Guru’s video.  It’s a great intro to what you can do with puppet warp.  Pro-tip: it works best with transparent backgrounds.

great, easy puppet warp tool video tutorial

Just to round off the post, here’s a whole list of other tutorials you can check out.

Best Tutorials for the Puppet Warp Tool, Extractions, and other Reality Distortion Techniques in Photoshop CS5

As always, check my PSF Pinterest board  for other resources not found on this blog.  What have you done with puppet warp? Show us in the comments!

Photoshop Friday: Puppet Warp Tool
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