So I finally frogged Brambles.  It was both tragic and satisfying.

I ripped all the way to the brim, and even picked the stitches back up.  It was not pretty (well, it was not PROPER but it looked fine) but I managed to put all the stitches back on the needles and everything.  After some hideous increasing (again, not correct but looked fine) I realized had done the whole first pattern row with one extra stitch in each repeat.  Ugh! I have never been so frustrated while knitting.  I thought I was going to save so much work by picking up the brim stitches, but nooooo.  Long story short I ripped the lot of it and just started casting on again.  I think after all these years casting on is my least favorite part of knitting….is that really weird?

r.i.p brambles
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