Ugh.  So, this morning I finally did it.  I had to rip the sweater.  I realized I was not going to be happy with this sweater the way it was going, there were too many little things, which individually would not have amounted to ripping but altogether were too many mistakes for one sweater, especially one that will  be a gift.


So those five balls were unraveled from the two  skeins that originally went into the sweater.  The places where I had to join the myriad small balls from the first skein were some of the most infuriating issues with this knit so overall I am really glad I ripped it and really saw what was going on.  The second skein didn’t have any knots so if none of the others do I will save the wee little balls for finishing each sleeve, magically both segments (balls) are very similar in size, and hopefully that size will also be just right for sleeves…short sleevess, of course, which was the plan all along.

So that’s the good news….wow, that’s kinda sad that that was the  good news.  Well, the bad news is it is now even closer to the deadline for this sucker and of course in the time since I thought I was so totally on schedule I’ve done about…20%? of the school projects/studying for finals that I need to do before the next 2 weeks.  Not to mention the events on my calendar are also starting to pile up.

At least I’m really psyched about Bazaar Bizzare and Renegade Craft Fair.  Oh, and I remember now Renegade Craft Fair will be after my last final is over.  Sweet.

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