Here are some recent additions to the existing stash, in fairness some of these purchases were for gifts.

From Webs:

Webs yarn, cascade and softwistCascade ‘Dolce‘ in Boysenberry and Berroco  ‘Softwist‘ in Dulse.  Just purchased these to try them out, which I haven’t done yet but they both feel really soft so I’m looking forward to it.

edenAlso from Webs, Madil ‘Eden‘ in Gold.  Bought 6 balls to make a gift, a scoop-neck short sleeved raglan (we’ll see how that goes).  This is wonderfully soft bamboo yarn, one downside is that it’s about 12-ply with thin threads and splits like crazy.  Still, if you’re pretty careful it knits up well and the fabric is just great, like a summer-time blanket, smooth, cool, but with some weight.  Haven’t finished the top yet so I’m not sure about the drape but I suspect it will be at least good if not perfect.

From Amazon:

circs and socks14 circular needles, sizes 1-15, 17″ long.  I almost hesitated to get these because I couldn’t find a website or other reference to the needle manufacturer, I still got them.  Have still yet to use them but they seem just fine.  Again one downside: the bags aren’t labeled with sizes so you have to take the needles out to check.

popel11Same deal with the sock yarn, couldn’t find anything about the maker (“Think Bamboo”) but this also seems of decent quality, can’t wait to make myself some socks.  The yarn is variegated brown and green, but it also has a white thread which complicates creating a pattern.  No matter it’ll just have a tweedy look.

Recent Additions
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