sew sunday 7-7-13

I started these pants a couple of days ago because I planned to wear them to my birthday party yesterday, but as you can see they are no wearable.  I drafted the pattern starting from the shorts pattern in “One Yard Wonders”, then adjusted the length and bottom opening based on the measurements of my favorite wide leg pants (made of black jersey).

So far so…ok?  The leg opening is PERFECT, but the length of the inseam doesn’t allow any hemming on the bottom.  This all was found out after sewing the inseam and crotch to try on, so I had to frog the crotch, my plan now is to raise it by using the template to cut again, on the same pieces.  Thankfully the sides have tons of extra material (I was going to do an elastic casing for the waist so that would all be gathered up)…But this time I think measure more than twice…and cut just the once more…I hope!

Sew Sunday: Linen Pants

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