So, rather than make ANY progress at all on the linen pants I started last week I enrolled in and immediately started watching the Craftsy class “Sewing with Knits” with Meg McElwee:


Now I am so super excited to make the first project, a hoodie, that I went out and picked up some awesome lightweight fleece jersey, found by total luck at JoAnn’s! Yay!

Now…the downside…So…I was SO excited to print and put together the pattern that I shall we put it nicely and say ‘botched’ it all?  I first printed the pattern PDF…and I had left the printer settings to print double-sided :/  *face palm*.  Ok, no big deal right? I’ll just print every other page and everything will be just fine.  Well, I printed every other page…from a different program…they printed at a slightly different proportion than the other pages.  So halfway into taping together the pattern I realize every other page doesn’t quite line up.

Oh, and did I mention that I had run out of ink while printed every other page a second time? Yea, so starting over with the printing is not an option.  At least not until the ink I ordered arrives, and of course I feel like I can’t possibly wait two days! I already assembled the pattern, the point of no return!! Or something…  Ok, so my plan? split the difference and extrapolate when tracing the pattern pieces to tracing paper for cutting.  Will I compound the mistakes already made? Maybe!

Join me next Sunday when I may have an answer, and hopefully also a hoodie!

Sew Sunday: Sewing with Knits

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