I have decided to give myself a kick about doing more sewing, so I am introducing Sew Sunday…Sewn Sunday? Sewnday?  What exactly should it be called?  We’ll figure it out.

Since I’m the midst of a ton of other projects I dug up some straightforward sewing that needed to be done.  A pair of jeans had lost it’s button, another was brand new and unworn due to lack of pockets.  Why are more and more inexpensive pants being made without pockets??? I mean, obviously cost is a factor…but seriously, what kind of brand/manufacturer thinks it’s ok to make regular pants without pockets? They aren’t skinny jeans or, god forbid, jeggings.  Perplexing.  At any rate that lemon is now delicious, adorable pocket-ed lemonade.

sew sunday 1



sew sunday 2

PS: I am also instituting Watercolor Wednesday, so look forward to that in a few days!

Sew Sunday

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