First off, how cute is my snail friend? Is this the most artistic shot? No, but it does remind me of the herd of snails that live on the side wall of my apartment complex’s garage.  Depending on the weather and time of day I go to the car there are varying sizes, locations, and amounts of snails.  Some are rather large, some teeny tiny.  Sometimes they’re very high up, sometimes in the middle, sometimes low on the wall.  But they persist no matter what, unaffected by external judgements.  Ok, those are all very positive and inspiring things, but the reason my snail friend is up there is just because snails make me happy and seem epically care free and I want to share with you now MY carefree, recently formed habits that help keep the house tidy.  Ready?

small easy habits that make a happier house:

  • If you’re in the kitchen waiting on the microwave or oven or something else, do some dishes, empty the dishwasher, or wipe that one spot of jam on the counter…otherwise you’d be just standing there doing nothing.  I find I can usually empty or reload the entire dishwasher while waiting on the electric kettle for instance.
  • If you subscribe to magazines take out the little fliers in there while walking back from the mailbox, then they won’t fall out or annoy you later when you’re actually reading your magazine.
  • If you’re going from one room to another, take something with you that belongs where you’re going and not where you are (ex: if I’m going from the living room to the bedroom I take with me the sweater I left on the couch to put in the closet)
  • Hack yourself in every possible way;  Set reminders on your phone, put items where they are used instead of where they are traditionally put (ex: I keep nail clippers and floss in the living room because I know I’ll get hang nails and I know if I have floss at hand EVERYwhere I am more likely to use it), use smaller dishes to eat less, etc. etc. etc.

What little strategies do you use to keep your home and mind tidy?

Slow and steady

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