So of course instead of working on time sensitive gift knits I started a hat for myself (manos wool clasica in color 71, lavender).  I’m doing a 21″ circumference with 1×1 rib for 3″ then a mock cable pattern that I have yet to decide.  Using #10.5’s this is going a lot faster than the raglan in splitty bamboo yarn on #5’s.  Sometimes we all just need some instant gratification

Just as satisfying was doing my first spit splice on this project.

How to Spit Splice:

Take your two ends of yarn.

Split the yarn or plies to about half an inch down from the end of the yarn and overlap the two ends together.

Wet your hand (you dont’ have to use spit, you can use water) and rub the overlapped yarn ends vigorously.  You are basically felting the two ends together.  This method won’t work on yarn that is unsuitable for felting.  That is, animal fibers only (no plant or synthetic yarn will work).


It seems silly but that was so much fun, bending the yarn to my will.  I want to do it again, hopefully I won’t start cutting up perfectly good skeins just to splice them back together.

Anyway in just a couple hours today I’m already a third of the way done so we’re in good shape for instant gratification.

Spit Splice: Totally Worth the Gross
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