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I’ve spent a LOT of time thinking, reading, and planning about, well…time.   There is no shortage of source material if you want to waste time trying to figure out how you should be spending your time: articles, books, coaching, systems, organizers, on and on.  And after becoming familiar with and trying many of them I realized something is.not.working.

Because not all time is equal.  Time management is not about minutes, days, and months.  It’s about harnessing your attention, focus, and energy levels.  We’ve all had first hand experience with this.  One group of sixty seconds is not the same as another: a minute with a new love is not the same as a minute waiting in line at the DMV.

As a start in understanding your relationship with time, particularly different times of the day, I’ve created a worksheet.


It’s not another planner page to make your to-do list look pretty, it’s a quick little survey to check in with yourself about how you feel time throughout the day.  When do you feel creative? When do you feel most tired?  Once you know these things you can schedule activities and tasks to take advantage of your energy levels.  Schedule creative work during your ‘creative’ hours, schedule meetings for your ‘focused’ time, avoid scheduling DMV appointments for your ‘tired’ times.

Click here to download the free printable!

check out this inspiring video and article on time and energy over at entrepreneur.com:

“How to Manage Time With 10 Tips That Work”


Time and Energy Management

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