Even if you’re not on a diet so many Valentine’s Day treats have yucky ingredients like saturated fats, synthetic flavors, and who know what else. ┬áHere are my Valentine gift ideas that say “I love you so much I’m not going to give you icky treats”.

1. Coffee: consumable, makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and ZERO calories, if you don’t add sugar/milk/etc.

2. A hand made card/drawing: and oldie but goldie, it definitely says “I spent a few minutes thinking about you while I threw this together”

3. Potted plants: better than a bouquet that will die in a few days

4. Hand-made something: if you don’t have time to DIY it buy from Etsy or a local maker

5. Donate to a charity: support a cause the giftee believes in

6. A photo: of you two, friends, family, whatever

7. A book: ideally one that you like, or one you know they will like

8. (unisex) jewelry: who doesn’t love jewelry?

9. A walk in the park together: or any other favorite spot, bonus: you’ll be strengthening your heart with the exercise

10. Gift card/vouchers: Maybe movie tickets for the film buff, a gift card to a hobby store, or a voucher for a fun experience like sky diving

Tuesday Ten: 0 Calorie Valentines

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