So, yes.  I am a twenty-something California lady and I love yoga, surprise.  Yes, I tell all my loved ones, bff’s, and facebook friends that they should try it too.  And by now we’ve all seen the blog posts and articles about ‘yoga isn’t a cult’ and ‘you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga’.  Ok, but how do you start?

First, I personally highly recommend learning from an instructor or a more experienced friend because alignment is important.  However, if you are less clumsy than I am (should be easy because I am SUPER clumsy) you can probably learn proper alignment from videos, there are tons of good free ones online.

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Here are ten super easy, feel-good yoga poses for anyone and everyone:

1. Child’s pose

2. Mountain pose

3. Forward fold

4. Downward dog

5. Cobra

6. Warrior II

7. Triangle pose

8. Camel pose

9. Bow pose

10. Corpse pose

Tuesday Ten: Beginner Yoga Poses

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