As you might imagine the weather here in San Francisco isn’t particularly ‘spring-like’, certainly not sunny and warm.  Still, here’s some simple (and low or no-cost) ways to celebrate spring no matter where you are.

1. Take a walk through your neighborhood or local park.  How does it look different than it did in Winter? If you live on the coast like I do the changes are subtle, especially compared to a place where, say, it snows and trees are bare.

2. Take photos of blooms, flowers, grass or any other plant-life around you.  How about the produce or flower sections of your grocery store?

3. Get some houseplants to bring the Spring inside to your home or office.  I personally love succulents and pothos, they’re very green and very easy to care for.

4. Go vegetarian/vegan for the week, month, or all of Spring.  Plants are rich in all nutrients needed to thrive and cutting out animal products will give you the opportunity to learn about the different benefits of different foods.

5. Partake in some plein air art, whether painting, drawing, scrapbooking, knitting or whatever craft you love.  Take it outside and get some fresh air, and maybe sunshine! Unless you’re in SF…

6. Make a Spring bucket list; illustrate it with Pinterest.  Do you want to enjoy wildflowers, try a new craft, clean the house, or visit a favorite natural spot? Put it on your list!

7. Spring is the time of growth and renewal.  Focus on growing, renewing, and healing your mind by starting a meditation practice.  I love the calm app on iphone which has tons of guided meditations from two to over twenty minutes long.

8. Make paper flowers to decorate your living space.  They’ll last all season without wilting or needing water and are so easy to create that you can make a whole garden’s worth right in your living room!

9. Get excited about all the natural activity of Spring by volunteering at a beach clean up, national park, wildlife organization, or even your local animal shelter.

10. Make sure you enjoy the unique possibilities of the season, whether it’s seeing your favorite wild flowers, enjoying more outdoor activities, or eating certain foods.  Take a deep breath and mark the changing of one season into the next.

Tuesday Ten: Simple Ways to Celebrate Spring!

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