Here’s a powerful craft insight (I’m not the first to realize it): If you can make rectangles you can make MANY other things.  So many useful, beautiful, fun crafts either are just a rectangle or are made of several rectangles.

The best part is rectangles are easy easy easy to visualize.  You can roll them into tubes, fold them into squares, cut them into smaller rectangles.

Here are ten things you can craft out of rectangles:

1. Blanket (knit or quilt)

2. Caftan top or maxi dress

3. Dish towels/cloth napkins

4. Greeting cards

5. Tissue paper flowers

6. Beach cover-up

7. Reusable shopping tote

8. Fabric headband

9. Pillowcase

10. Women’s tops

I made a Pinterest board with tons of DIY’s and how to’s to make stuff out of straight up rectangles!

rectangle diy

What other rectangle crafts can you think of?  Please post your examples in the comments!

Tuesday Ten: Made from Rectangles

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