10 must have craft supplies

All crafters have favorite craft supplies and tools, depending on their preferred aesthetics, media, and methods of working.

Here are ten craft supplies I always have around and use more often than I expect:

1. adhesives


Always always always have at least several different types, that is if you plan to be gluing different types of materials.  Some glues are better for paper, some for non-porous materials, some are lightweight, some are more heavy duty.

2. contact paper

contact papers

I myself also keep several varieties of contact paper in my stash.  I love love love faux wood and faux leather, but I also really like metallics and patterned papers.  This supply is unbelievably versatile: use it to make stencils, wall decals, revamp furniture and appliances and even in paper crafts.

3. binder clips

binder clips

Binder clips have so many uses, it’s ridiculous.  I most often reach for them to use as hangers for unframed art works and to secure fabric for stenciling/painting.

4. x-acto knife

x-acto knife set

I have to admit this tool is not one of my strongest techniques, but it’s an absolute must have for cutting stencils as well as other paper and cardboard cutting.  One of the best things you can use an x-acto for: scraping sticky labels/label goo off of glass or ceramic objects.

5. acrylic paint

acrylic paints

Acrylic paint is a crafter’s best friend.  It’s water soluble so you don’t need any special materials to use and clean up.  It’s opaque so you can paint over and correct mistakes.  It can be applied to a variety of surfaces: paper, canvas, wood, fabric.

6. spray paint

spray paint

Oh spray paint, what a multitude of sins you cover.  Like contact paper I ALWAYS keep it on hand.  It nicely, and evenly, covers pretty much any material (yes, you do have to make sure it’s clean though).  One of my favorite tricks is painting a collection of different objects (bottles and jars, or different picture frames) all with the same color.  Like magic you have a matching set of thingies, and you can match them to the rest of your decor, party, or whatever.

7. decorative paper

digital scrapbook paper

Ok, I admit I have waaaay more scrapbook paper than I strictly need.  Still, it’s a great supply to have on hand.  Like contact paper you can use decorative paper to cover small objects like picture frames, small containers, boxes, etc.  Of course you can also use it for scrapbooking.

8. masking tape

masking tape

Masking tape is a given with spray paint and sometimes acrylic and fabric paints.  It holds stencils in place or is a stencil/mask itself.  Use it also to secure sheets of paper for drawing/sketching, to label boxes and containers, or to pick up lint from clothes/carpets/desks!

9.  transparent clip-board

clear clipboard

Clip-board…seems obvious, but why is she saying it should be clear? Because in addition to serving it’s purpose of holding papers while you write, draw, invent, or whatever a transparent clipboard serves as a super duper cheap light table.  Hold it up to a window or with a light behind it and you can easily trace drawings/patterns/templates/etc.

10. craft paper

craft paper

Craft paper is also a must-have for so many crafting purposes.  I use it to make sewing patterns, create templates for large objects, collages, gift wrap, and as a drop cloth for spray painting (see number 6).


Some people couldn’t live without their iThings, coffee, or make-up.  If I was stranded on a desert island I might bring a few of these craft supplies with me, how about you? What art or craft supplies do you consistently reach for?

Tuesday Ten: Must-have Craft Supplies and Tools

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