So, it was our first Valentine’s since we’ve been married, I gotta say one of the best ones so far…because they usually weren’t good at all.  But anyway today WAS good.  I made dinner (meatless beef empanadas) and he made dessert (lava cake, strawberries and white chocolate raspberry ice cream) and we had a nice quiet dinner at home.

Most important of all, I knitted my Valentine a squid! His (and my) fave part? The little beak! I dont’ mess around about cephalopods. Knit from this pattern, minus the felting.

In other knitting news I finally cast on for a vest I’m designing (as I go, as per usual).  Knitting it on US 8 with Nature Spun wool in Amethyst.  It’s going to have a lace top, seed stitch waist/belt, and stockinette body, with 1×1 ribbing at hem, sleeves and scoop neck.

So far I’ve finished the hem.  I do feel the urge to cast on for this too,

SOOO cute! Looks great to knit and wear

I probably will…

Valentine’s Day
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