watercolor wednesday 2

Watercolor wednesday exercise two: wet on dry.  The project is to start with neutral mixes of colors, making adjacent squares and rectangles, starting in the middle of the page.  Once that layer is dry you make more vibrant mixes of colors and overlay them, still making square and rectangle shapes.  I actually did not strictly follow the directions and used much more vibrant colors than prescribed in both layers, but the gist is the same.  The purpose is to see how overlaying layers on dry layers can be another way of creating color mixes rather than always mixing on the palette.

I took my painting out of the house this week.  Got breakfast at Java Beach at the Zoo, then parked by the water and rolled down the windows.  Listened to the surf and spread out my supplies in the car and got to work.  Before I knew it I had been at for an hour an a half!

Watercolor Wednesday

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